Make Rainy Day’s Brighter with the Kidorable Zebra Umbrella

by Karen on September 7, 2013

zebra umbrella Everyone we know thinks of my daughter when they see some thing Zebra print.   For her last birthday, a friend gave her a bag full of zebra things.  Included in this bag was the cute Zebra Umbrella from Kidorable.  She went crazy when she saw it because it has ears!

This umbrella is the perfect size for a child and it opens and closes real easy for her to do herself.  She feels very proud when she walks to and from school with her Zebra umbrella.  It really is cute.

You can find them sometimes discounted on sites like Zulily for about $10 or you can purchase it directly from Kidorable for under $14.

My girls hate to get wet from the rain.  And seriously they have fits if they get even a few drops on them.  So I try my best to have umbrellas in the car and in the house for them to use.  We have about 6 kid umbrellas right now which is great for when we walk their friend’s home from school.  Then everyone gets an umbrella.  But this one always goes to the zebra loving girl… you know the one who thinks she’s a zebra!

It’s almost a guarantee to make rainy day’s brighter!

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