Pink Zebra Birthday Party Supplies

by Karen on April 6, 2013

It’s that time of the year again and we are planning yet another Zebra themed birthday party.  I think this will be the case for a few years so I’ll keep as many of the party supplies as I can to reuse next year, if that is possible!

I think this year we are going with a pink and zebra print theme like this one from Birthday in a Box:

Birthday in a Box

We love these two colors together, though my little one would be happier if it was purple and zebra print but we don’t seem to find those as easily.  CLICK HERE To purchase these.

We are having her party this year at an arts & crafts place and we are hoping to do a Zebra Print craft.  She’s every excited.  And all her friends know how much she loves Zebra print so they won’t be surprised.

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