“You know I’m a Zebra, Right?”

by Karen on June 21, 2012

“You know I’m a Zebra, Right?”

That is what my daughter has been saying to us since this past weekend.  We went to the pool store to purchase a new ladder for our pool.  While there I spotted a Zebra Floaty and suggested to my husband that we get it because last year she didn’t want to go in the big pool but MAYBE if we have a Zebra Floaty she will!

He agreed and also realized that even if it doesn’t work, we just had to get it anyways.  Needless to say she was overjoyed and since we gave it to her she has been saying to us “You Know I’m a Zebra Right?” just randomly.  And of course we tell her that we figured that out a long time ago.  Then we wonder if we are going to need some help one day explaining to this child that she is in fact a girl, not a Zebra.  But for now, her 5 year old self can think she’s a Zebra because she now has a Zebra Floaty.

Swimline Safari Friends Zebra

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