Zebra Print Birthday Cake

by Karen on October 20, 2012

For my daughter’s 5th Birthday she asked for a Zebra Cake.  I wasn’t sure what I would find but I began looking through the books at the bakery department.  After coming up with nothing I walked by the ‘yesterday’s baked goods’ section of my Stop & Shop and noticed a small sheet cake that had a zebra print design made from the frosting.  I hadn’t even thought about that!  I went to the bakery to ask if I could order something like this and they said “of course!”

She was so excited.

I was (as well as my 5 year old) very happy with the results.

Everyone was impressed and I tried to pass it off as my own doing, but they all know me well and didn’t believe I actually made it myself.  The border color is supposed to be purple.  It was a little more blue than purple but my daughter didn’t care.   She was just super excited that she has a Zebra cake!

I’m guessing next birthday she’ll want another Zebra print cake so at least now I know where I can get it.  If you want something like this I suggest you ask at your local bakery, they probably can do it pretty easily!

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