Zebra Print Mittens and Boots!

by Karen on September 23, 2012

While browsing Zulily further today, I noticed this cute Zebra Print Mittens that my daughter will absolutely love!  I was sad there wasn’t a matching Zebra hat but we have one from last year so she really didn’t need a new one.  But these mittens are too cute to pass up.  I grabbed them before they sold out and will hold them for a Christmas gift as it won’t get that cold beforehand that she will need them.  And if she does, then I’ll dig them out.  But she is going to love them!

The Zebra Mittens are only $14.99 at Zulily and you can find them in the Nirvana sale.

Nirvanna was born when its original founders took an extensive trip to Asia. Their appreciation for the experiences they shared inspired a line of expertly crafted apparel that fuses the soul and beauty of nature with the look and feel of contemporary life. From playful outerwear accessories to richly embellished sandals, Nirvanna is equal parts substance and style.


I also found these cute boots!  I hate to buy boots online since boots can be so hard to find the rigt size. But I bought them in a bigger size so she’ll at least be able to get them on, and hopefully where them a little longer, unless they run small them I’m all set!    They will go so well with all of her Zebra print outfits and she’ll be so excited to wear them to school.

These boots are normally $32 but they are selling them on Zulily for only $16.99!  You can find them in the Marilyn Moda sale!   They also have some really cute shoes for the kids too, but no Zebra print ones.

Marilyn Moda specializes in affordable, stylish footwear for women and kids. The company is committed to having happy, satisfied customers, which is why buyers’ feedback is taken into consideration and strict attention to detail is applied. As an importer, Marilyn Moda is a partner and advocate in the women’s footwear market.

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