Zebra Socks at Sock Grams

by Karen on August 9, 2014



Sock Grams sells all sorts of socks with just about everything you can imagine on them.  And they are super comfortable.  I love my socks from Sock Grams and I may have a slight addiction to socks.

They sell two different kind of Zebra socks – of course!  And I think they are both adorable.  If they fit my little one I’d get them but her feet are still a little too small for them.

Check them out!

Black & White Zebra Socks

Rainbow Zebra Socks


About Sock Grams

Sock Grams was born out of the desire to send a greeting to a loved one, along with a small gift. We often found ourselves wanting to send a greeting card, to celebrate an important milestone our friends and loved ones reached, but we wanted to send a little something more than just a card. We also wanted to ensure the gift would last and, most importantly, be in acknowledgment of something that was important or of interest to the person we were giving it to. Novelty socks, in the myriad of patterns and colors were our answer!!! Since starting the company, we’ve continued to add other cozy products like hats, mittens and toys.

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